don't follow if 

  • you're 14↓
  • you’re anti other-kin/fickin, transphobic, homophobic, racist/sexist, etc
  • you believe that there are only two genders
  • you're a pedophile
  • you believe that being kin is unhealthy or revolting/not a good coping mechanism
  • you won’t like my posts when i’m venting/being negative
  • you are kins with my  friends kins (u/c)
  • you dislike my comfort characters
  • you support trump in any way
  • you use slurs that are highly offensive & can't reclaim
  • you like/support abusive/incestous/pedophilic ships and it's not for coping
  • you won't see me as my IDS + share kins with me
  • also PLEASE don’t make fun of me it really hits home when people decide to do that to me. i have lots of paranoia about it so please don’t do it. i also am mentally ill as well (if you want to know what, please private mssg me!)

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  • priv acc & kin twit
  • instagram: @arakitas & @skullryuji

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